Katherine Koch

What I do

I create a Sacred Ceremonial Circle for my clients to design his/her life.  We co-create Life Designs through Sacred Intention and Ceremony.  

I identify emotions and underlying truths to break patterns to reset the body and reclaim misplaced aspects of oneself.  I communicate with Guides and the Earth.  We are able to reach into the future to make dreams a reality in this life for the greater good.  

Each Life Design is different and unique. No life is the same.  Each is a SACRED LIFE DESIGN. It is up to us to participate and co-create our design with the Earth and Heavens to reach our highest potentials.  

In-Person or Online

I work with clients both in person and online through ZOOM.  

Cost Per Session



Soul Retrieval

Destiny Retrieval

Death Rites

$140 Per Session

$200 Home Visits within 20 mile radius

Payment Methods

Venmo, Cash, Apple Pay, Check

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